How We Do

Discipline, legacy and ethics

Our way of doing business aims to bring consistent returns to investors and make a difference in the market. We have experience with the real business world.

Robust investment process

Commitment and total alignment of interests, as we participate in all investments.


1st Risk X

We prioritize less risky sectors that have lower cyclicity and exposure to external factors and present higher potential for growth and consolidation.


2nd Our

We developed solid criteria for assessment process to seek the best opportunities in the market.  With discipline, we follow our own methodology to reach long-term returns, investing exclusively in companies in which we believe.


3rd The Greatest

With the support of a robust advisory committee, we execute a financial and business diagnosis of selected companies in order to map opportunities, define goals and direct value creation efforts.


4th Pre-investment
Due Diligence

We conduct a detailed and transparent due diligence in this stage. We apply all our know-how and practical experience for a detailed assessment of the operation.

Maximum value capture


Network of industry expert executives and partners
Enhancement of competitive advantages
Strategic positioning


People management
Culture and “right people assigned to the right challenges” people chess management
Total compensation alignment


Strategic Planning / Corporate governance
Management by objectives / Zero Base Budget
Change Management


Business Model Innovation
Digital transformation
Productivity increase through automation


Cash Management
Optimized Capital Structure
Capital Budgeting

Exit Strategy

Consistent IRR and measured risk

Long-term vision as part of our investment philosophy and flexibility to exit at the best moment and circumstances.

Exit intangible and differential:

We work to leave a legacy in the invested companies. We understand real business world and also how to operate a company efficiently. Falconi Capital’s long-term horizon and constructive activism aim to develop a strong culture oriented to value creation, with the DNA and mindframe of the largest management consultancy in Brazil.

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