About Us

A simple philosophy for
sustainable results


Generate value, capture opportunities and improve the business model of companies in our portfolio. We want to leave a legacy for the companies and contribute to a stronger and fairer society. We offer patient capital with long-term vision, business strategy, excellence in management associated to innovation and technology, empowering people with high execution capacity, along with an experience of over 30 years of Falconi’s success, which we are proud to carry in our DNA.

Falconi DNA

More than 30 years of experience in the business world conveyed to our performance in the investments market. We drive companies to their full potential.


Management Reference

Falconi is recognized for its capacity to help companies to achieve exceptional results by optimizing their management systems.

Beginning of Falconi Capital providing Financial Advisory services to gain experience and nurture the network: mandates such as M&A, Valuation and Debt Restructuring.


Spin off

Vision to create a company focused on management-based alternative investments and clear philosophy, with constructive activism and long-term horizon.

Falconi Capital becomes an independent company.

First Deal Fund focused on Middle Market starts fundraising phase.

Well defined thesis to seize opportunities in growth and consolidating markets.

March 2019


Patient capital and long-term vision guide our decisions. We act on business strategy and management as success factors.

Upside through
Management and Innovation

Management, innovation and technology to act on opportunities with efficiency and growth pursuit.


High execution capacity to reach planned upside.


Decisions taken to maximize long-term value.

How We Do Our Team